Why you can’t and shouldn’t do what your coach/guru tells you to do?

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

This is quite contraversal to say...but I show you why it is so true.

I would like to share why this above statement is so true and why it is not at the same time...and how to decide for yourself which one is accurate for you no matter what you are dealing with.

If you go to participate in a one-to-one or a group coaching session, even a seminar, what is happenning is that, you check into your desperate readiness to learn, to get information, to receive or find answers to your questions and almost all the time you receive them right there, right then.

Straight after you sat there, like a student, you tried your best to listen, either you have been so eager and amazed by the impact of all what you have been experienced, you just know, something clicked in, something is on the way to flourish out of that clearity you had and then you find yourself back home and nothing is alright. You are back to the same old, same old feeling.

That is just exactly the same feeling, as you went on holiday and after the endless sunshine, joy and carefreeness, you are back into your „distroying reality”, that really nothing changed and you are the same clueless and hopeless and miserable, what you were before if not worse.

There is something very important happenning with you right here.

It is not happenning because of the seminar, the coaching session, the group meeting or any enlightening/ motivational program was not professional, good or well-presented enough. It is not happenning either because of you, who might think something is wrong with you and you never will be able to „conquer” this phase of your life, no matter what you do.

You indeed checked into a program, which is capable to shape you in thousands of positive ways and make you or motivate you to change your life once and forever. Though you might have the question then, Why don’t I feel the same motivation, the same enthusiasm, the same drive when I am back to my „normal” life? There is the point...right there! Do you feel it inside, what just happened!?

Let’s explore this going a little deeper...

When you are on a high high with all of your senses, the world changes instantly.

Your experiences turning into some kind of higher level, positive experiences, right?

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What makes these experiences feel like that?

2. Why do you feel that way when you are on coaching program/ holiday? (Here I recommend you to dive into your feelings. Go back to those experiences and if it helps, write down on a paper, what was the enviroment like, other people like, circumstances like, your feelings like, etc.)

3. NEXT! How does it feel like to be back home?

4. What is it that makes me feel I am back to the same old, same old?

5. What does it feel like not being there (seminar/coaching session/holiday) anymore?

We humans, tend to make clichés out of our way of perception so often, that we create them as our own inevitable social trap(s), social norms (shall we say it!?) but in reality, these are just simply our way of regecting the fact, that we are the ones, who are creating our experiences, circumstances and way of living too! Do you see this!?

It is very much not inevitable to choose your way of approach, how YOU like it, how you want it and choose how to deal with situations! Life is not a luxury but it can be a conscious choice of luxury for you, in your terms, in your ways indeed! Meaning, it is not even for a moment scripted or designed, set up ahead! Life is always unfolding, is it a non-stop, forever and ever and ever constant creation. Nothing is written or done ahead...everything is on the move and constantly changing and flexible.

THEREFORE it is up to you how your experiences are (literally) created by you!

Next step then?

Ask yourself:

1. How can I create that experience and those feelings I felt then?

Answer: Star to live it! Just do it! You want those feelings back, so make them happen right there, where you are. In your room, at your desk, out in nature. Nobody will stop you to feel how you want to feel, only you can!

2. How can you discover them in a place, where you don’t find much enthusiasm, enjoyment and momentum?

Answer: It is not outside of you...rather is inside. Take a look inside just for a minute.

What is the reason (conditioning) you have put on your place, circumstance, situation, experience that is not satisfying? Just put that aside and ask yourself again.

Is it still there? Is it really, truly there or you have put it there?

Conclusion: You are creating your momentum on whether you are experiencing an interesting seminar, you are on an amazing holiday, on a fun birthday party, on a boring class and in an undesirable situation.

You know, who you are and when you are ready to allow yourself experiencing things joyfully without putting conditions on your life situations.

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