What slows down the manifestation of your Divine Union?

Updated: Mar 18

It's easy to talk about that we all want our wish-fulfillment because everyone feels entitled to have it, which is perfectly right. That is your true nature, you suppose to have all your needs fulfilled at all times. Though many of us tend to think that receiving the wish-fulfillment doesn't require them to do anything at all from their side. Unfortunately, I must admit that I had this mentality at one point and I know most of us still tend to forget how the story looks on their side first, instead of keeping themselves busy with others.

You might want to remind yourself that everything is coming from You, specifically from within. As soon as we are brave enough to look into our own mirror, we get the daily inspiration to turn a new leaf from the inside-out, which tends to instantly attract all that we call wish-fulfillment for ourselves.

Keep your mirror on and use it as much as you would use it in your bathroom in the morning or in your car whilst you are driving.

Here are the main points rather "choices" that will slow down the manifestation of your Divine Union:

-keep yourself the same as you know yourself and as others know you/want to know you as such

-confuse your Divine purpose with you thriving for an ego-based concept of true, divine love or relationship

-have unrealistic expectations from the other party without having realistic expectations of yourself and of your self-growth

-believe that the Divine will do all the job instead of you in the 3D

-keeping your "options" open or/and entertain multiple "available/easy" situation-ships whilst you are waiting for the "One" 

-wait for the One without realizing that you are the one for you & that nobody else can make you happy but you

-think that your Divine Union equals only a relationship to be manifested according to your terms/ideas on relationships, which has nothing to do with you bettering yourself and your constant spiritual growth 

-refuse to make firm decisions about your life and therefore not follow them through

-think that self-love equals a weekly beauty treatment, a weekend party with your friends or a 10-minute daily meditation session ONLY

-think that sex or relationships with others won't keep you away and won't prolong your journey to reach your Divine Union and fulfill its purpose

-think that if the other party don't seem to reciprocate your feelings that means you are not meant to be with them

-think that intimate meetings and sexual affairs in the astral/or in the physical with your Divine Partner and/or others, even in some cases with entities are not shaping/altering your path with them or not affecting you and your spirituality 

-think that you are on a higher or lower level spiritually or anyway compared to others and/ or your Divine Partner

-try to be smart about your steps towards the other or try to control the journey

-think that you can do all kinds of magic, tricks, psychological manipulation or any other technique to skip the real work that you must do on yourself also to skip any future karmic/spiritual consequences 

-listen to tarot readings, being too preoccupied with your DP's acts or stalking on your Divine Partner's social media/ life in the hope that this alone will assist you in any way on fulfilling your Divine Purpose that you should be busy with by manifesting it into your 3D world

-think that if you avoid/refuse your Divine Calling is not going to have any future consequences on your life/karma and soul contracts throughout your lifetime(s) at present and in the future

The more I was meditating on this topic the more points seem to be relevant to include in this segment, though I will stop here and let you join in this list of constructive criticism and feedback yourselves with whichever points you feel like I missed on to mention here.

Remember that we are all on a never-ending journey of learning and growing, so before you feel like to comment, ask yourself two questions:  Does my comment hold real wisdom for others? Does anything I have to say here brings out the better in others and make them grow or just fuel negativity? I would like to go deeper into these segments one by one, so we can talk about them further. I can't wait!

Please share, like, join the community and make our conversations on this topic matter! 

Love & Light,


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