What is holding you back in life?

Updated: Mar 18

I would like to jump straight into the topic if you don't mind.

Here we go!

1) Thinking that you are held back or stuck

Thinking, thinking, thinking...Universe or God, please give me a break!

Perhaps you are talking to yourself and you should know it because the Universe or God only can give you some break if you give it to yourself first!

When the Ego talks to Itself, the conversation can get quite hilarious and funny but it often – especially when we are right in the middle of the experience – feels very stressful, too stressful to be honest. That’s why meditation is still a heavenly gift for humanity.

Overthinking everything is like going to the bathroom overthinking the process of how you should eliminate all waste that is going to be eliminated anyway in the most natural way possible...without your thinking process, without the „crucial help” of your mental activity.

There are things in life we have decided to use our mind as our assistant for no reason apparently. When someone asks you why do you overthink this instead of just doing it?, you probably would say: Hmm, actually they are saying something”...and you go back to the same overthinking process and nothing changes.

Have you received a „sign” from the Universe or have your prayers been answered by God or your Angels? Oh, Yess!!!! Have you realized it? Not necessarily. Why? Because we are not stuck in life but we are stuck in our minds to do overthinking and creating a reality that doesn’t really exist...I mean all the time apart from when you are sleeping!

2) There is no such thing as „creative block” there is a thing such as "flow"

Do you remember when you were little and you just had to have crayons in your hands and there were some lines and crisscrosses creating itself through your hand moving this and that way on the paper? What do you think what is that if not creativity?

You only need to type into the search bar „brent pope, outside art ” for example.

It’s amazing, amazing!

So would you let go resisting your own natural life energies flowing through your „vessel” and make you be your original, natural self that can indeed make you feel happy, fulfilled, and free?

I mean, I am just saying...this is your decision indeed.

3) What is creativity?

People confuse creativity with the fact that you can paint, you can draw and dance and make music and whatnot. Though creativity is rather the very natural energetic vibrations of life that you are capable of performing. What is more, all human beings and all other living beings possess this ability. That's why we have forests and complete ecosystems that we don't have to contribute much to as we can clearly see that. The jungle doesn't need your care and protection unless you are destroying it heavily.

All living is capable of existing, creating new things over and over again, without your protection or safety net or assistance. Creativity equals life energy flowing through all living.

How inclusive creativity becomes all of a sudden, right?

So knowing this fact, do you still think that you are not quite a creative person?

(according to your mind and your old way of perceiving what is creativity and who you are compared to that „fact”...okay, you get it at this stage.)

You can go ahead to the next point because that is the follow up of this point.

4) What about thinking and talking vs. day-dreaming and creative living?

I am so happy that we don’t need scientific investigations and proof and lectures on art, on dance, on music and we don’t necessarily need – though science definitely putting it under tonnes of scientific investigations (God helps and blesses us with that!) - on how we are thinking.

The individual expression of creativity just makes our lives easier and less addicted and less dependent on scientific researches. Life is so much easier and less contradicting now somehow...thank you. (sighs)

Now if you already have enough years under your belt called your life, then you will know that thinking can become day-dreaming and imagining pretty easily if you approach it in the „right way”. At the stage of „day-dreaming” and imagining it feels even much better because you tend to not have those bad headaches as a result at the end.

That is why I am here to encourage dreaming during the day rather than thinking during the day. I mean you can try it for yourself, I bet you will find very similar results to my experience.

A regular conversation at work or in a coffee shop or even talking to yourself creates other thoughts, emotions, and feelings and all kinds of bodily symptoms and side effects (I don’t have to go there now) you understand it. The whole thinking, imagining, and talking is manifesting, creating, that is a huge part of the Law of Attraction topic. That is why creation needs mastering...we never have been taught how to think properly, which doesn't mean you can't do it by yourself. (I smell disaster in the air! Oh, no!)

5) Any distractions in your life?

I am sure you got a tonne! I mean we are living in a tech-based society, right?

Do you regard anything else as a distraction in your life, like any of your responsibilities that you don’t enjoy? This can be anything made evident by your daily habit of thinking it a way that it becomes a distraction because it feels like a distraction.

You might just want to stop doing those activities and things and thinking that they are a distraction. Analysis-paralysis, the vicious cycle.

You can’t stop creating, creativity is you and everything that you are doing all the time.

Even when you go to the bathroom you are creating. I am sorry but this is the truth.

Yes, I am a professional coach and I dare to write this into a blog post. I did it. It already happened. This going to stay here. Forever. It’s a fact. I created it. I did it, not you.

Don't let any distractions messing with your life creation. Your welcome!

6) Are you blocking your intuition?

Back to professionalism and back to wearing the mask and how we prefer to be seen in society, I would continue like this:

Blocking your intuition means you pretty much overthinking, therefore resisting.

When you are resisting, there is no chance for divine, natural, positive creation.

Though this doesn’t mean that you stopped creating.

Intuition comes in as a key to flow through life on an optimal, positive, and „feeling good” way each day, each moment.

Using your intuition (listening to your intuition instead of your mind!) going to bring you out of your thinking cycle, thinking that you are stuck or blocked.

Being blocked is going to be a fraud statement. It's going to be revealed to you that being blocked is a "not good feeling" thought and as soon as you finish to think that it will disappear, so you can go back to your intuition and listen to that instead.

The truth is scary, highly irritating, annoying, and might look ridiculous even! the mind indeed does that type of creation.

Don’t worry about it...you don’t need to believe in that. You can just decide to quit those thinking patterns or drop the bad feeling thoughts, anything you don't like.

Let them go and grab a paintbrush rather or your notepad and a pen and "create your ideas down"?

7) Are you ready to let go of „boxing” creativity as what you think it is?

That is just an option you don’t need to agree with me. This blog post is not about that.

It’s only talking about one of the most natural things we can do and we do them daily.

Creation and creativity in fact are not just for human beings. I have touched on that earlier at the beginning of this article. If creativity is blocked it means the world ends. There is no such thing. I told you! The world can not end, no matter how much further „World’s end” announcements in the news and armageddon movies we are going to welcome into our cinemas in the future.

Creativity equals living life. Breathing into your lungs, then exhaling. You have just done that. Do you see it now?

Doesn’t matter if you keep the „box” alive in your mind it ends up being your creation...again. You are back to the same activity you always do, no matter what.

Anything and everything that you have ever been doing, ever you are going to do EVER is creation itself.

That’s why people say that Creation is ever-expanding, ever-flowing, ever-flourishing, ever-existing. You can’t stop it. No secret societies are capable to stop anything that is part of Creation. They are the very part of it. That’s why you are creating your life and nobody else can create it for you.

It’s your creation within the Creation, ALL THAT IS. So quit purchasing manifestation courses and start to think, imagining, day-dreaming, and creating like the artist of your life!

Because that’s what you are! You are the Artist of your life! Forget about your creative blocks because there are none...unless you imagine them to be! Again, you have just created something. Back to the same old, same old.

Anyway, enough talk.

Enjoy your day!

Love & Light,


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