What is Healing & why it takes longer than we would like to take?

Updated: Mar 18

We don't like to go back to the basics rather thrive to go higher and reach farther though for us to reach our highest potentials we must start each time all over again, like pushing the reset button and build in a different way all over again.

Everything in a life built on a solid foundation.

If you don't have a solid foundation you live life out of fear. When you live life out of fear you repeat life experiences because you missed them for what they were there for in the first place.

Life is not just a collection or an accumulation of experiences but the "going through experiences" for the purpose of growth and expansion.

You can't grow bigger, expand further unless you have a solid center, a solid basis of yourself.

Personality, values, knowing thyself. Knowing your positive and negative sides.

Knowing and being okay with your negative side helps you to guide you to your solutions and breakthroughs. Your positive side and strength are there to persevere through these solutions and breakthroughs.

You must find a balance between both of your "sides" as these only can create anything divine (worthwhile) together.

If you're ignoring your negative side, you are ignoring your completeness, your divinity, your natural rights to fulfillment, and the ability to manifest.

When we are out of balance and live life out of fear, we stagnate ("dying") instead of "flourishing", thriving and therefore only able to manifest our "life lessons" back into our reality.

When you come across the same old situations, circumstances, kind of people and you feel your life doesn't go anywhere and you always meet the same type of people, you are "asked" to repeat the same so you can learn finally and "upgrade" and move on to the next level lessons and life expansions, drawing new energies to you, so that your circumstances and people who you are attracting can be "upgraded" and new!

2020 is the year of this "global reset" and if you used your "off-time" wisely you are about to reap all the benefits and blessings of your hard work.

It's still some time to take a look at yourself and restore your balance so that you can "change" your life.

Change the channel if you are bored! You don't have to be the same person, meeting the same people, and experiencing the same things all the time.

Life is an expansion and not stagnation! Though to have expansion we need to be ready to start us all over again. Don't be afraid to lose direction, go with the flow, learn new things, get rid of old stuff, and face your less attractive side.

Everything is here for You.

Life is waiting for you!

It's your turn now!

Love & Light,


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