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Updated: Mar 18

Let's start with the positives!

Praise 1: Sense of joy & fun brings freshness to the seriousness of life!

As the planetary retrogrades are over, now we can breathe new air in and get back to our old fun and joyful selves...although perhaps you also have been heavily affected by the planetary happenings this doesn’t mean of course that you couldn’t have felt good if you decided to.

Joy and fun are back and these lighter energies are attracting more of the sunny side of life again!

Praise 2: You can move straight onto the next level now!

What is your next level in least for this week? If you are thinking to step another one or two ahead in some aspect of your life, you are more than welcome to do so! Cheer up, everything is working out for you this week! Listen to the calling!

Praise 3: Your spirit is radiant with humour!

Humour is key for this week! Enjoy the moment, enjoy the week and take life less serious than it has been for the past few months. It’s time to let the heavy load off of your shoulders! Remember, you are already amazing simply with a smile on your face! Cheers!

Pointer 1: Are you set back by your attachment regarding a situation in your life?

Are you attached to past concerns, any hurts or any individual that doesn’t really serve you?

How about let them go? (at least for now...just for a little bit) What are you passionate about? Anything to do with creativity, hobbies, family or friends? Any new studies or advancing in your career? There are so many other things you can focus and pay your attention towards! Remember, focus is important!

Pointer 2: Are you letting your feeling of failure holding back now?

Train your mind each morning during the week that you can do and fulfil the tasks, plans and intentions you are planning for quite sometime now or just recently?

Anyhow, failure is only misconception and misinterpretation of the experience of making mistakes regularly. Those will happen anyway so don’t worry much about it.

Pointer 3: Feelings of superiority is trying to make you lose reality for this week?

The feeling of superiority is in my personal experience coming from a deeply rooted fear that makes you need to look bigger, smarter, better and more than others.

(Have you watched any animal life documentary lately? I bet you, you will find yourself funny after seeing any animal trying to defend themselves in front of their enemies!)

If you aim to go through the week without feeling superior to others, give up the idea that you can be superior or inferior to anything or anyone at all. Inner balance comes from the natural ability of human beings to see the difference between what we have in our heads about things and what we really experience in our reality. See the bigger picture and voila your natural balance is restored!

Pointer 4: Are you eating to gratify your emotional needs rather than nourishing your body?

Especially this time, during the present global shift, the more you take care and are supporting your body with fresh, highly nurturing and easily digestable (least processed or cooked) food, the better you going to feel yourself and the least you will feel that you need to medicate, numb or comfort your body and mind through your negative eating habits. More vegetables and fruits this week! Yummy!

Pointer 5: Does your feeling of worry trying to sabotage you in any way this week?

Don’t worry, be happy. Take a big breath and use this week connecting back to your natural flow. As soon as you allow your feeling of worry just to be there, stay there without the intention of changing it or avoiding the uncomfortable, you will see that worry is going to vanish, just like smoke.

Angel card 1: Delight

Yes, we need that don’t we? Are you delighted? About what? What can make you feel delighted this week?

Angel card 2: Harmony

Yes, this is here for you my friend. Allow harmony to „sweep you off your feet” and give yourself the chance to just be...and share this amazing feeling with others.

Angel card 3: Transformation

Transformation is ongoing, though this week is calling for a new cycle, a new beginning.

If you have gone through this past few months in one piece, believe me you worth it and you are ready for your well-deserved upgrade!

Conveying these messages to you I used the Intuitive Solutions® Cards from Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake.

I hope you look forward to your new week with a lot of fresh perspectives!

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