Understanding energy is understanding duality, your nature!

Updated: Mar 18

I do say it often that demons are real!? Yes and No.

We need to understand who we are first!

What is deep inside of us, whether it's "dark" or "light".

What is dark and what is light?

Dark and light only exist in our emotions.

What are emotions?

Emotions are the reaction to what is!! Reaction and response is the reality that we constantly project out!

Without you, there is no reality, nor change!

How easy to bypass the realness of the Self. Very easy. We do it all the time.

You can't ignore your demons! Demons reside in the lower dimensions...shows themselves as lower vibrational energies.

Anything that you recognize it is within you too! No matter who posts it...who says it...who does it!

Understand what I am saying right now!

If you live by self-reflection you are aware of this. We have been in ignorance for so long, Everything got out of control!

Look around the World! What we have created!?

Do you still believe that you don't have anything to do with what is in the world!?

Energy is only energy. When you attach emotions to energy...at that second things go demonic, dark, evil, and out of control!

I am a Feeler! And you too! Don't ignore your emotions!

What happens to a Feeler?

A Feeler feels energy. All energy, low or high, doesn't matter! We take on other people's energies all the time.

We are entangled in these energies constantly. Globally and individually.

I am an Energy Transmuter! And you are too! It is to be a Healer!

What does this mean in real life?

That you are constantly and cyclically taking on and transmuting global and individual energies, conditioning, patterns, subconscious and conscious, all ancestral blueprints.

You take on massive amounts of dark energy (negative emotions from the collective and through oneself) and after consuming it we transform it into a different kind of emotion.

That's how Healers (us) can recover from anything and everything! Please listen to what I say very carefully!

Healers are not perfect! I say it again! Healers are not perfect! Nobody is perfect!

Nobody is here to be perfect! There's no such thing as perfect unless you think it in your head!

That's your Mind that knows everything better, always.

The difference between Healer and Healer is how much-hightened emotions (positive-negative) they are able to transmute through their being.

This is determined by how much shadow they have already processed, meaning how much they have gone through (Tests!) and how much higher they have come out of the lows.

Every second in your existence, you are involved in this and you can't do anything about it.

The weather one day is sunny, one day it's rainy. So what!? It's always up to how you feel about it!

Your emotions linked to it! But it's not mine or anybody else's! It's only yours!

The ONLY thing you can do is to be okay with it. To accept them. To be okay with the purging.

Things are only demonic, dark, or evil because we don't accept them for what they are!

The only thing constant is change.

We still don't understand what this means otherwise we would allow it to happen. We would welcome it. We would make it happen with excitement and smile on our faces!

Energy is considered demonic, dark, and evil because we don't want to see it inside of us!! We don't want to recognize this within us! We point at others and ignore our own responsibility!

As soon as you have anything to hide from yourself or others, you are "evil".

Evil means you disregard your shadow and ignore your beauty and your truth in your negative emotions!

Being transparent means you hide Everything about yourself just TO FIT INTO THE MOULD that's dictated upon you and by your mind!

You are the Alpha and the Omega! We are all One!

This is not an Airy-fairy topic! This is all the ILLUSIONS that are projected into our Reality with every existing second that we are here.

A tremendous amount of fear and love, all of it!

Do you feel your emotions or you keep trying to behave because that's what is you think is SPIRITUAL!?

You can be only authentic when you understand that energy is only energy.

Emotions are the energetic responses and reactions to energy...to what is!

Tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruption, one animal eating another, mess shootings, war, racism, etc.

These all appear to be highly emotional but they are just energy transmutations. It's the RESTORATION OF BALANCE!

There's no balance possible without duality!

Without the transmutation of dual energies!

All extreme emotional experiences only can be over if we allow them to be there still when they just show themselves as irritation, self-blame, impulsive patterns, regret, sadness, shame, etc.

Healing requires constant presence and acceptance of What is! without fueling it with high emotional reaction and response!

To reach a higher vibrational standpoint you must recognize and let go of your high emotional reactions and responses (resistance) to what is!

Love & Light,


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