The Spiritual Teachings of 2020 and its events - The ultimate purpose of suffering as a human being!

Updated: Mar 19

Many people are talking about and searching for the hidden meaning and the purpose of all that was so far happening in our world since 2020.

I would like to talk about this in a very open way so I can show you a different perspective. This might trigger you further or calm you down, this is your free will choice as everything else that is happening to you in your world.

The original name of the biggest event of 2020 is all about "our Crown".

"The specific word"="The name of the thing"=Crown chakra blockage to stop us from connecting fully to the Divine!

Awakening, therefore ascension is happening to humanity globally.

No one, nobody, and nothing can stop it because everything is from the Divine!

the Divine and the Creator is the Big Boss, not any bank, government, or institution.

Anything and anybody who and what is not ready to leap this Huge Turning Point along with Mother Earth in our ascension process are "babies in nappies" in the best way and nicest way to put it in spiritual terms.

The Divine is the Ultimate Power because everything is from it. Point. Blank. Period.

Process in details that everybody along with Mother Earth is going through now:

All of our chakras are cleansing up, balancing out, and meant to allow the Divine and Mother Earth energies to flow through us without any disturbance.

"The specific thing" has been invented to spread fear, at least fearful energies.

On the scale of emotions fear is one of the lowest energetically.

Either you use and practice your free will to choose love (togetherness=Oneness) or you choose fear (separation, masks, illness and you can die, bla-bla-bla-bla).

Nobody dies (leaves the physical realm) till they completed their purpose (their soul contract) on this Earth... especially there's no death only you leave your worn out body behind.

Your further ascension journey whether you stay in your body or not very much dependent on your level of awareness and your level of consciousness.

So this is playing out to finally awaken us to our true nature, and to the highest perspective on life which is the everlasting cycle that we are all in and we can't be separated from...ever.

Some of us meant to die due to this because the highest perspective requires us to be "recycled" into a more elevated beingness than we ever have been before, so death is inevitable...also all souls are signed up for any of these experiences beforehand, even if they "don't know about it" with their present way of seeing their lives.

So that's all in a nutshell.

It's all about the:

- Crown (Corona) chakra, connecting to the Divine and allow the Divine to guide us further, - - we stay grounded (Root chakra),

- create a new world (Sacral chakra)

- taking back our power by knowing thyself (Solar Plexus),

- be open to love and be compassionate with one another (Heart chakra),

- speak up for ourselves, assert our power and be our own authentic self by speaking our truth, and stop bullying and bringing each other down (Throat chakra),

- see with clarity and project our reality with wisdom and truth of oneself (3rd eye),

- and finally do it by Divine guidance and support for our own ascension, wisdom, freedom, abundance, and prosperity's sake.

Without our "Crown" there's not enough support and consistency from the "lower" realms that can truly ground and anchor us into the wanted new world that we all looking for.

We need to stop thinking and speaking falsity, confusion, reacting and responding out of the "fight or flight" response and stop entertaining ourselves with fear-based, and limiting experiences.

Take responsibility for what we can change and we can control and drop everything else that we don't know much about, don't want it in our reality, and try our best to be against.

Resistance is only a "fight or flight" response we have learned and have been conditioned out of our survival.

Conclusion of 2020 and the following years onwards:

The only thing that we can have direct control over is only ourselves!

We must face this fact before things get worse... because again, nothing is bad or good it just feels bad or feels good which has to do with our individual perspectives.

So we're here to have power over ourselves as it has been since the beginning of time but we chose to neglect this simple truth.

Simplicity and responsibility of life, love to oneself, and to others.

That's the trick.

That's all it takes to shift out of this globally projected mess.

This universal cycle is ready to close out bringing forth much needed new perspectives, ultimate shifts in thinking, being, and on how we are conducting ourselves emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually in our everyday lives.

Now you know this so we can move on in peace...? Please!

Your welcome! (If I managed to relax you a bit.)

Hopefully, more and more people can start to shift their perspectives and find themselves choosing clarity, love, compassion, freedom, power, abundance, simplicity, peacefulness, and gratefulness so we can accelerate the becoming of the New World that we all know will come to happen whether we choose to stress about it or not.

Choose to enjoy the journey, your ride of the about being a cool surfer!?

Blessings to you Beautiful Awakening Soul (HUGS)

Love and light to you,




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