The purpose of relationships vs. the purpose of Divine Connections

Updated: Mar 18

Cliche to talk about stuff like this but it’s more than inspiring and eye-opening for me and hopefully, it’s going to be for you too because of a new but old twist that the world so much craves for and to be honest is a must to turn heartbreaks into heart shines. (I know I have just made up this word very quickly, I like it so it will stay.

I like to use a very simple way of description of how we tend to think about relationships and why we should stop that, on the other hand how we can turn the page and start to think about relationships from now on differently, only if we want to experience a nice one.

I mean that’s all up to us and it’s entirely our choice but if I had to choose I wouldn’t play out the same old and get the same ugly result, wasting my life away for someone that doesn’t worth it anyway or keeping myself in the same old mistakes & same old toxic mentality zone where I am unable to play any other way but the Joker way, making myself look like a King or Queen.

That is just kind of a good-looking, very off tasting smoothie put together very responsible. No one wants that! On top of that, you would ask for a straight away refund, talking enough loudly so everyone around you would have the chance to acknowledge your very bad experience at a smoothie bar that just overall feels very off, so everybody would avoid it at least for that day.

1. How to stop thinking of relationships from now on?

· All relationships in my life is there to make me happy, comfortable and safe

· All relationship must be a happy one otherwise betrayal/breaking up is the way out

· If the other person doesn’t prove themselves to me they are not worthy of my love

· I am the man/ woman, therefore, I am in domination or control

· Traditions are everything in dating/marriage so I do this but I don’t do that

· We must be a perfect match/compatible according to „my list” & society/family/friend’s needs so I can always „look good”

2. How to start thinking of relationships from now on?

· Think of the relationship as a romantic partnership/=business partnership – future plans, value-systems, present life situations/circumstances, how to move forward

· Think of the relationship as a connection and not a relationship – personal freedom & integrity, 100% commitment to the partnership

· All relationships/divine connections have their own purpose – spiritual, individual, global

· Gender roles changed for ever-changing, ever-evolving roles that are interchangeable according to practical and other important reasons at the time

· Instead of „liking or disliking others” as of our first impression on someone you focus on getting to know each other through different experiences & in varying real-life situations

· What is important for us & not for society, my family, my church, my friends – my life is mine & not others living through me, I live through me (Dr. Alban - It’s my life song just popped into my head...maybe worth to check as a reminder!?)

I spotted that I collected 6 main points on each side of the story. The number 6 talks about family, balance and it’s a symbol of completeness with high ideals. The 6 is the perfect number, it represents luck, it is the highest number of the dice. It’s the symbol of Venus, the Goddess of love, in Tarot it’s the Lovers, doing anything with the heart, inner peace, and harmony. Numbers are the Universe sacred language through which it is talking to us anytime, all the time.

Just an interesting no coincidence for you to meditate on.

Everything indeed has its purpose in our lives, so we shouldn’t discard any of the symbolism and reasons why & when life intends to talk to us. Everything that we do must have a purpose to it, otherwise, it’s merely just our precious time wasted.

This article is meant to be a checklist of our present life matters. It triggers us to ask questions about our life circumstances and how we could be the power in it to bring forth a happy change instead of our endless wishful thinking.

P.s.: You don’t have to be a Twin Flame to be worthy of a Divine Connection.

We all are here to bring on something sustainable, loving, and more logical instead of acting out of our personal desperation, lack of trust, and lack of love for ourselves in our relationships.

Just to insert it here (because why not!) you can find more on paradigm shifts regarding relationships here! Let me know what you think, share your experiences, leave your compassionate comments below, and take very good care of yourselves!

Love & Light,


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