The dangers of using labels instead of finding Your Self

Updated: Mar 18

Many dozens of people I have engaged with recently in the spiritual community claim that they have many conditions diagnosed and undiagnosed that make their lives harder, less fortunate or the exact opposite. People labeling themselves all kinds of things that we happen to come across in today’s spiritual communities and psychology as well - not referring to all other areas in this post.

Although I firmly believe that labels are unavoidable to be used in the professional sphere and highly beneficial and absolutely a must to have when it comes to labeling products and marmalade jars for example. It is practical up to a point, though personally I am highly concerned about using labels when it comes to describing human behavior and personality.

Understandably, using labels again to direct ourselves in our world and understanding it easier can serve us, but as soon as we give up on our lives in the name of a label and lack the need of self-inquiry and self-improvement, self-expansion just because certain labels (that were undeniably invented by the human minds) can lead to a tricky journey you don't want to risk when you can definitely choose otherwise simply by questioning the label.

This topic has many personal and impersonal, some logical, and spiritual reasons for me to keep considerable distance with labels and I am about to tell you why in the below points.

· You are not a label, you are a being that we call human – If I want to be picky about it we correct this further and we can say we are souls in a human vessel

Science is catching up very slowly though surely, spirituality doesn’t need science to be proven and become legitimate as spirituality is all-compassing, all-inclusive, all-determining, that is all that was, what is, and what is ever will be. Spirituality is not some kind of fairy-tale, or a shamanic ritual instead of a highly practical way of living life that happens to you by you, simply by your nature unfolding in the present moment living through a human experience.

You don’t need to label it because it includes all labels within itself along with you and me, and it doesn’t need science, instead, science needs it because spirituality equals all creation within itself. The only proof to this is You and everything else in existence.

(Whoever tries to understand spirituality with their are going to feel very confused just reading these lines! Plus a nice headache possibly. Give up now. You already do it, you see I told you so!)

· „I am not a human, I am a Starseed” – heard this from a beautiful, strong, and healthy-looking young man in a spiritual group on social media discoursing about his suicidal thoughts with many people for many hours...

I never felt like being suicidal so I don’t know how would I feel...? Might I would also join social media blogs and would happily conversing about my suicidal thoughts.

I highly question it but according to today's social trends, this is very much happening, sadly or not sadly, this seems to be a theme nowadays.

I love the above sentence. It shows how the mind can ascend to one level of consciousness to the other so quickly! And yes, we created this. It’s our human mind that tries to put itself on a higher level of consciousness (some kind of imagined pedestal) without letting go of itself or giving up the „throne”, I call this "the real power struggle" that we all in only up to the point when we realize we don’t need to struggle for power anymore because we are the power itself. (At least thinking this makes no sense for keeping the imagined throne we had to create! Create no throne and you get much happier and peaceful within seconds!)

We don’t need to be loved because we are love itself. I thought to call myself „focused energy” because let’s face it that’s probably the easiest and simplest way to describe yourself according to the latest revelations from scientists, right!?

(I am so happy that science gives us the option to think about ourselves always a little bit differently than before, so we don't have to keep thinking like "I think therefore I am", do we?).

Why being a Starseed would sound better than being a focused energy in the Multiverse?

I feel already so much better calling myself as „focused energy” because then I can be anything and everything that I want to be and I don’t have to feel that according to my label descriptions, I have to be someone, have to do something or have to feel and behave somehow else than how I feel, do and behave right here right now.

Bringing the conversation to mother Earth and ground it a little bit better, I feel that being a Starseed shouldn’t give you the direct need to have suicidal thoughts. You can be a miserable human being also, you don’t need to go and be curious about what type of Starseed you are and what stages of depression you fall into according to your group or type into Google „am I a Starseed?” type of questions.

It is highly concerning and it just shows how much we are lacking awareness of ourselves and how much we are not focusing on the things that we really should be focusing on regards to our spirituality. Let’s face it! Knowing thyself doesn't need you Googleing up your spiritual/ mental dysfunction labels and requires you to get identified with these labels. It never going to happen ever, because Spirituality doesn't need your mind in the driving seat nor to be identified with any labels.

· We are not the labels but we are playing roles according to our unfolding experiences that we have human concepts and definitions, rather ideas about

It’s pretty clear for me that no matter how much further knowledge we acquire from our so far collected and existing encyclopedias we need to learn how to hit the nail on the head without hitting everywhere other than the nail. I understand it, it needs practice...for your mind.

Everything needs to practice. You see, spirituality is highly practical and accommodates all of us providing us many different paths to walk on to realize ourselves and to realize that we eventually don’t need any practice at is our mind’s that needs to have a practice.

Our true selves are us. It’s there still. Now too. Right here, right now. It doesn’t need to be a Starseed nor a human being or a Cambridge professor.

So how about a life without the need of identifying myself to be a Starseed, not a human being and having a straightforward conclusion (backed up with a Googled description of Starseeds) that I can’t be anything else but must be suicidal. Ohh, yes! Thank you Google, now I understand myself! Nope! You are not!

(No, no pity party about being suicidal please because this has nothing to do with having actual suicidal thoughts in relation to human beings, nor to Starseeds...maybe has to do with it a tiny bit, though I am not allowed to say it, so I won’t!)

· The mind has its own spirituality, did you know that? - the mind absolutely likes to label itself and get identified with its acquired certificates, medals, achievements, trophies, job titles and status symbols, family structures, inheritances, bank accounts, and as we progress in its spirituality too.

The mind will always like to use labels and your task is not to shut your mind down, stop using Google search daily, or go into the Himalayas to live a life of a sage or a monk.

These last-mentioned (being identified with the last two labels) by the way are the same old tactics that are rather more sophisticated, therefore closer to spirituality, most specifically to religion, though you can definitely get better results and all your activities and thoughts are under radar in these settings, so you have less to worry about being suicidal than using the original scenario as being a Starseed.

What is the solution? What can you do about labels?

DROP THEM. Period.

This is the easiest, the most efficient, the least time consuming and the sanest and most peaceful and most calming method I have ever come across in my whole life so far.

To be able to cure depression, sadness, unfulfillment, hatred, jealousy, trauma, and any type of misery that you experience in your life, this technique is maybe a bit too easy, too quick, and too free but it works.

Though if you know a better method, technique, or solution for this please don’t hesitate and send it to me, share it with me.

I need to remind you that this method of letting go all labels can be easily sabotaged by your mind if you start to think about the next moment, and then the next moment, whether this comes back in the next moment, the next moment and the next moment or not.

That’s your mind and your mind is holding on to the label. That’s it!

Also unfortunately I can’t give you a full refund on this because I have just sold you this method for FREE! So rather enjoy it!

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Love & Light,


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