The Cyclical Nature of the Twin Flame Connection

First off I would like to make one clear distinction between Soulmates and Twin Flames.

The biggest difference between Soulmates and Twin Flames is that Twin Flames are always maintaining that sophisticated vibrational alignment by mirroring. This means whether you are in Union or not you are forever working on maintaining that vibrational alignment between the two of you. There is no escaping of it. Meaning that our spiritual evolution is never stopping.

The Old Paradigm

In the past perhaps (guided by our ego) we tended to think that once we get together and marry each other we can just chill, no more work to do, my person is mine and that’s done. BUT the truth is all of the relationships, marriages become just a piece of paper and a burden for both only by them thinking that’s life and that’s how life turns out when we get old.

Today you can think less and less like this, never mind we (our ego) invented so many other twisted truths to keep our egos in the driver seat to divert relationships into disaster much earlier than ever before, creating an even more dangerous and degrading pattern for human beings to deal with. (I don’t have to go into details!)

The New Paradigm

Creating a perfect vibrational alignment (Union), Twin Flames must "break up" to work on themselves separately, either by doing the work as a single staying celibate or choosing alternative partners that they can do the work with. This is not cruel, this is with divine intentions and it’s almost in all cases unavoidable. This is also the highest purpose of Twin Flames that is directly affecting humanity, along with the whole Multiverse. Therefore it’s highly important to look at the Twin Flame Connection or any Divine Connection through Divine Glasses aka the Bigger Picture.

Twin Flame Cycles are an essential part of the connection (whether you are in separation by a "break up" or by living together!) and the more we are okay with this fact, the smoother and effortless our experience will be with our Twin.

There is no reason to "get busy" with the different labels and over-analyzing your connection (old signs and an indication of different stages) because:

· The Divine doesn’t put limitations on itself – It is all pure unlimited potentials – the TF signs and stages are not set in stone by the Divine, only by human beings. The faster you let this go the more peaceful your life will be!

· Everything is interlinked and connected - this dynamic itself is constantly evolving, also it evolves faster and faster with time (more and more Twins are awakening and coming together to work together just by the support of the Union (balanced DF & DM within and without) energies of other Twins backed up by the constant progression of the ascension of Earth and humanity

· TF Connections are as many as human beings on Earth

- there are Twins in Union that didn’t have to work much and there are Twins that have more work to do and vice versa (the whole connection is up to you, them, your circumstances, your perceived limitations and your purpose for this lifetime you are contracted to)

– all Twin Flame Connections have a different, very important purpose related to the present (old paradigm, societal norms, and conditioning) that needs to be shifted in perspective towards a more sustainable and conscious space to bring global changes forth and to anchor these changes into our physical reality

· As above so below - Twin Flame Cycles, as well as any life in the Multiverse, are very strongly linked to planetary positions and alignments, especially moon cycles

· TF Cycles and individual karma - TF Cycles are affected by your individual pace of working through societal conditioning, belief patterns, childhood traumas and everything that was the OLD and has to be transformed into the NEW

· All TF Cycles managed by the Divine – ONLY - highly intentional and only guided by the Divine. Any pure, divine connection must have your ego’s surrender. As soon as you let go of worry, stress, anxiety, and all limiting conditioning the more you are aligning your connection to be drawn back together into Union. At the same time, you are constantly co-creating with the Divine and manifesting by every second you live and breath, therefore it’s your responsibility to take ownership over your life and how you prefer it to be: peaceful or stressful

· The biggest lesson in a TF Connection is to align with your blessings that are coming to you 100% energetically. It might be with your original person or with another divinely orchestrated individual it’s always aligned with your state of awareness and consciousness by perfectly matching both of you as a soul on a spiritual level

· All labeling, structuring/controlling, and identifying is greatly dangerous because it’s against the ever-expanding Twin Flame journey and the expanding Multiverse that we are living in – so give up all labels, stages even signs. Give them and yourself a rest to set yourself free from the chains of limitations because if you are ready you will find yourself on the Twin Flame path without asking and if you are not ready you are simply not there yet (it’s not your time yet and/or it won’t work out for you how you originally wished at all)

Remember that you don’t have to be a Twin Flame to have a beautiful connection with another and you don’t need either to focus on whether you are in a Twin Flame connection or a Soulmate connection. Labels are going to leave our reality more and more because, in the end, we are all One and the most important reason why we are here is to give and receive Unconditional Love!

Love & Light,


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