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Updated: Jan 31, 2020

One of my biggest challenges I had to face related to my personality is not really laziness but rather procrastination. I read tonnes of books on productivity, I made my ex bosses crazy over me starting one task and put it on the side, like it is okay to do it so. Obviously nobody will do it instead of me, it will wait for me to complete it can really wait. They didn’t know but what I really did was I put the task aside and picked another one as I couldn’t stand or got tired or got frustrated of the existing one. I run out of fuel. I understand by now why people have multiple cars, properties, companies, etc...

Exactly like this...changing between your projects can fuel your day and increase your productivity instead of the negative experience of procrestination!

We need to understand the physchology behind this!

Let’s expose the real reason why is it not that bad to procrastinate and why it can help you increase your productivity.

NO! Stop listen to your chitty-chattery mind and trick that little bastard! Whenever procrastination happens to you again don’t allow your mind come ahead with its judgements and punishments but focus on rather the opportunity, this experience give for you.

As you learn not to listen to your mind’s automatic chatter, you realize, whatever is your experience, you can find something positive in that, which can move you forward, not backwards.

Let’s see this amazing gift unwrapped:

When you stop to do something which is filled with negative energy and change for something „new”, meaning

1. your experience become brand new.

When something brand new happens to us, is always very appieling in nature, it brings us variety, novelty, freshness. This straight away works as a distruction for the mind. That is honey for the bee!

Positive distruction works perfectly. Negative distruction works perfectly too but not recommended!

2. You can step above your routine, your anger, your frustration and all of your motivation problems with this amazing trick!

It works with animals, toddlers, children, old, sick, ill and really everybody.

3. This trick can even heal (that is why to mention about sick and ill) and it is indeed a

4. perfect parenting strategy depending on the situation or problem people would apply this for.

Though that is worth for another article on it for another time.

Last but not at least!

5. Easy PC to apply with instantenious results!

Now it is only up to you if you apply it or not. This little strategy helped me so much since I am not under close supervision of my eyeing managers, who doesn’t understand the real positive aspect of a very bad habit and conditioning!

Good luck with your work! Remember, there is no chance for failure, nor for excuses!

Just focus on the positive!

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