How to navigate your spiritual awakening journey in your daily life?

I have decided a long ago that I was going to open up about my spiritual awakening journey and how I navigate through my experiences on a daily basis for the past few years.

The time has come! The flower is ready to bloom.

This series of articles meant to assist you with simple, practical but highly spiritual solutions to your awakening path in your everyday life. There is no particular regularity to these articles because I have decided I will honor the real nature of this world. The real nature of this world lies in divine timing. So let's live through life how it's meant to be! At its own natural pace!

The chaos that we seem to see with our physical eyes is the exact system and order that we feel and sense with our real eyes, so be it! So be it!

1) When crying comes...allow it...

I fell in love with crying lately.

You heard me. It is so beautiful...whether you are feeling suffering or you are feeling happy and blessed (pay attention to how you use words because it creates your reality!)

Feeling as the experience is essential and inevitable. Feelings are not you but they are necessary. You can't avoid the experience of feeling. This is your nature. You have born with it. The feeling of joy, as well as feelings of other emotions, are the energies that are navigating and determining your life. It's crucial to understand what feelings are meant to be and what is not meant to be in your life, so you avoid living and creating a hostile reality for yourself.

Unfortunately, our society so far taught us differently that's why the majority of people today are convinced that they are incapable, disabled, or disordered in many various ways.

This only mirrors back one important realization at each of us. That we are identified with what we are not.

Crying is the realization to let ourselves to feel our feelings, so they can vanish away without being identified with them.

Crying is not a recommendation. It is releasing old energies so new energies can come into our systems, directing us towards a different reality. To live through different experiences that can grow us further.

It is a natural order of the Universe. Feeling in a way so we can be led towards our growth in our souls, in our body, also in our minds, eventually in our hearts. This is ultimately the natural cycle of life that we exist in. Endlessly. Infinitely.

Give up avoiding your feelings otherwise, the real world remains unknown for you

For me – over this few past months – crying turned into a blessing, a sort of releasing technique to let go anything that is not any longer belong to me...anything that is therefore not serving me, the real Me.

It is so beautiful. Allow it. BE THERE FOR YOUR PAIN AND HAPPINESS.

Go within and without, so you make sure, Life goes through you and you can be your BEST SELF.

My spirit guides and the Divine is so much with me and so much there for you to this them, they know, WHO you are and WHAT you meant to do on Earth.

They know much much better than anybody else in your family, among your friends, your colleagues, and your environment, wherever you go. They know you the best.

2) The process of "Losing yourself"

Losing yourself is allowing you to get rid of your chains, that are tight around your wrists, and happens gradually when it is time to be You, just BE YOU. That beautiful, undescribable YOU, within.

That is all your Power, your ever-existing flow of energy, that Presence, which is always there....waiting for you to get yourself open to your Life’s miracles, all day, every day.

Crying is cleansing. It is a form of mental and spiritual fasting, allowing you to wake up more and more, to change direction, give you the chance of seeing things clearer, as they are...really how they are, not how your ideas and other people’s ideas and clues and morals direct.

You, since your birth meant to only see or realize this...over and over again...and through this realization, enjoying that knowing. Finding indescribable joy from that and share it with others on your path.

You don’t need to work on yourself in a conventional way, as we humans understand the meaning of all different practices. All-purpose has been achieved, fulfilled and completed...already. There is no other work needed to be done.

Crying is allowing, cleansing, and transitioning. Transitioning the outside, the inside – what is there – assisting in the exploration of your REALNESS. The BEINGNESS that you are.

How peaceful, relaxing, and empowering this feels, right!?

You need to give it time. Life is neither a positivity training nor a fast rollercoaster ride.

Life is allowing, trusting, experiencing, being...YOURSELF...without targets to achieve wishes to fulfill, satisfaction to feel. There are no requirements.

After you have cried? – What did you find?.....It is so beautiful, isn't it?

Share with me, I want to hear from you! Life is simple. Allow it to be.

Love & Light,


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