How to heal your Divine Feminine whilst feeding and nurturing your Divine Masculine from within?

This question randomly popped into my head and I am really sure this is just the beginning of a series of articles I am very happy to share with you.

Let me start with my experience so the story will flow better.

Today I forgave myself for ignoring my true needs, desires, talents, gifts and divine blessings that were always there for me ready to be nurtured and taken seriously enough to build a truly meaningful, rich, spiritually satisfying and abundant life, which were only an "open mind and open arm" far away. I ignored it, suppressed it, denied it, lied about it, contracted it, pushed it away. I did all in my power to keep it hidden and unexposed up to the point of the first wave of my spiritual awakening that has started in 2012. No more turning back!

I was sobbing today because I have abandoned that little girl inside for so long.

In my experience, therefore, in my opinion, abandoning oneself is the greatest crime one can do to oneself and others. Not nurturing, loving who you are and what you are, just the way you are, setting you up for a lifetime of self-neglect, self-hatred, self-blame, self-unfulfillment and the "bleeding of the Universal Love that you are and what you hold within.

Why the random sobbing? - You might ask.

This time when I am writing this to you, I am going through another cycle of purging and deep cleansing that I have initiated for myself through my daily spiritual practices.

In my so far spiritual purging experiences, I have come to the conclusion that whenever I start crying randomly (out of nowhere without any indications or situation effecting me directly at any time) it only has to do with the fact that those heavily suppressed, old emotions, traumas, hurts can bubble up unexpectedly from your subconscious.

It is just fine to let these emotions up to the surface, as these old energies just processing themselves out of your system. They are ready to be released and to say goodbye to them. So if you don't feel like to be down or sad even for a minute, consider being an enemy of yourself and the blocker of your spiritual ascension.

Positivity itself won't give you the crown of heavenly blessings and spiritual expansion of self.

You need to embrace the good along with the bad to be able to ascend and mature as a soul and as a healthy and happy human being.

What do I do today? - Today though I am writing, I am singing whenever I please!, I am dancing, drawing, painting and dreaming as I have never dreamt before. I am giving back to Self, so the Self can give all back to me. Easy! Forgotten the heaviness of life, the endless waiting for someone or something to come and rescue me from my own misery...right or right? Unleash that goddess (=the allowing of the gift within to be revealed) from deep within by inviting and nurturing the god (=the act upon your deepest desires), so he can come to you and support you on your journey to Oneself.

It's never too late to forgive yourself and forgive others to show your own reflection back at you. It's never too late to start a truly blissful life...coming from within by nurturing who you really are! Never Forget Who You Really Are!

Love & Light,


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