How to enjoy the unknown?

The biggest challenge of our world - Enjoying the unknown is quite a challenge in our world because we have been heavily conditioned to believe that everything in our world is based on certainty, structure, and reliability. Conditioning and the need of being secure, being safe, and having certainty is never going to be overcome. Why? Because in our world we don’t need to overcome anything. We don’t need to overcome anything in the means of fighting against it, overpower it, or else. The key to letting go of this level of conditioning, this level of norm and way of thinking is to pay more attention to the deeper level of this notion.

Why we want safety? - The very reason why we want safety is that we fear not to be safe. When we feed our perception from the basis of fearing something, we ignore our true nature of being powerful and being free. Freedom in a human experience means I am free from my own fears. I don’t fear people, situations, things of any sort. I acknowledge that I can feel fear but I don’t have to be bind by it. I can be free from fear and don’t make myself being bind by that experience or knowing.

Freedom is like the waters – Freedom is like the waters that are running through the mountains, in the valleys, in the forests, and even in many cities in their own „watercourse”. The wind is just blowing in the air. It’s not concerned by any trees, any building, any obstacle what so ever. Nature does not just exist outside of us, nature is our nature too. We are an absolute part of it. If our nature is nature’s nature then we can easily conclude that we don’t need to be certain about anything because there is a greater system, structure, process, and solution that is taking place over everything and anything in life.

The next step? - If we accept this powerful conclusion the next step is to see how our mind (ego) can function the best way with this notion and be in absolute synchronicity and alignment with this way of seeing life. In the end, we are all free to choose how we want to see life and therefore it is our choice how we willing to live life even after concluding this natural fact functioning in our world without any interference from our minds. Because there is no mind that can change this ever. Nature is nature, your mind is your mind.

Don’t change yourself! - We can see that we don’t need to change ourselves either to change others. What we need to change is our perspective and how we see life and experiences that are happening to us. The only way you can be okay with the unknown is to change your perspective.

What is the unknown? – The unknown is all the things, experiences, people, behaviors, the collection of everything and anything that we don’t know, unfamiliar with and can’t predict ahead. We need to see that nothing is predictable nor unpredictable. Life is paradoxical in nature, so it can accommodate all experiences, all insights be just the way they are. The freedom of experiencing gives us the chance to grow, to expand, and to achieve, therefore manifest whatever we want. If it was no freedom in experience, our world would be limited. The unknown is the ever-unfolding potential that is pure as it can be, unlimited, untouched, undefined, uncontrolled, lacking all labels and conformity, so we can navigate it exactly as we please.

Creation as it is – Creativity is the manifestation of the unknown unfolding in its everlasting purity as it is. That why art work for everybody for any generation for any matter and for all the people, for all the nations, for all cultures. Because it represents the seed of that purity that is unfolding from and of us without any labels, structure, or rules. You can’t define creation. Creation is just what it is appearing to be yesterday, now and tomorrow. It’s always original, unrepeatable, unique, special. It will be always coming from the unknown as well as any ideas, inventions, wisdom, and so on. ALL THANKS FOR THE UNKNOWN. This is what you call PURE POTENTIAL. So the unknown is pure potential. It’s freedom of expression. It ’s freedom itself. Nature is free. We are free too.

What do you want? What do we want? – Any oppression or limiting system exists because there were some people back in the past had an idea of how they want to make the unknown known.

Can you blame them for that? Isn’t it the unknown made known to all humanity, have been set up and named as norms, cultures, heritage, history, categorized, structured, and so on.

How do you suppose to live your life after knowing this?

Decide your values, norms and how do you want to see your world and the world itself. Easy? Embracing the unknown is practicing your very nature that is being the creator, the manifestor of your own world as you want it to be. The seed is go and set yourself free and be you because it is your life and nobody else's!

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