How to approach a romantic love connection after a major heartbreak?

There are many important thoughts around this highly sensitive and very much reflective topic for many of us relative to today’s society and how we choose to navigate our different connections, especially when it comes to love. Though we can see a very drastic turning point in relationships lately and many of us are going through a major awakening, waking up to our true needs, true desires related to love, to be loved and to give love. Love pretty much drives our existence whether we like to hear this or not. Can we drive love successfully according to our needs or not?

Love is all we need!? – Yes of course, what kind of question is that!?

After knowing what makes the world go around it’s also good to know what kind of love is that we really need and looking for? This is one of our biggest questions, taking more and more space in our human minds (overthinking), instead of staying in our heart space (feeling & knowing). Am I right about what I have just said!?

Let’s have a look at what we need to see in a slightly different perspective about love to heal our hearts fully and maintain everlasting, loving, and fulfilling connections now and in the future.

Logical love? - Staying more logical is not against love at the very beginning. The basis of codependency starts when we get too attached too soon to another individual without setting any important boundaries and get drifted away by the flattering notions of the beginning sparks of meeting and starting something brand new with someone brand new.

The shiny object syndrome can ruin many lives if we are not careful enough. Being logical about where we stand and where the other person stands, getting to know each other sincerely is the very basis and building pillars of a strong, long-lasting, and trustful love connection. Being more logical about love at the beginning also can turn off those, who are not motivated for the long haul or might having codependency and control issues or other agendas that are not supporting our ideals.

Rome wasn’t built in a day – Everyone knows about this quote but how many of us take its real meaning seriously? Life allows you to not rush over your speed limits and take its blessings as slow as you feel you need. Any other limits that you may have whether it is not about romantic interests but your career or other projects, any new beginning takes time to process. Codependency is not a curse, it is rather a lesson and an opportunity for a turnaround, and the best way to tackle it is taking your time with anything new in your life. Slow jams are the real and lasting jams!

Trust your intuition – Every time you feel hesitant, you can slow down and have a look within. Asking for guidance and letting yourself be led by your best intentions is going to make you trust your decisions, which then make you feel stronger in yourself, in your feelings, and in your judgment about any situation you may come across. You don’t have to play out old patterns just because you want to reach the top already.

Questions to ask yourself before heading into anything with another person:

What do I look for from a love connection?

What am I ready to accept?

How do I deal with situations that don’t turn out as expected?

What kind of behavior am I ready to accept from my love interest?

How much I can give and take and how much balance this can create in my new connections?

I hope this can give you some tips for your next and maybe final big love experience if you wish to settle down or even if you just want to establish something real and nice.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts, your comments, and leave me some lines if you would add any other important points to the list!

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