From problem and pain to relief and solution through self - reflection in minutes?

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

YESS!! Doesn’t matter if you are a leader, a professor, a chief, an entreprenuer, a full-time mother, a student or a rock star, you will come across contrasting realities. Contrasting realities means that what you think, like, believe in - so you live your life according to all that - is not necessarily going to match with what other people think, like or believe in, therefore live their life according to that.

As everything else, these things (your reality = what you think, like or believe) also can change quite regularly. Almost all the time though we don’t like to acknowledge that or face that "everyday-truth”. Simply beacause we don’t like or at least don’t prefer change. Change makes us feel unsafe.

No safety means uncertainty, unstability, therefore it is threatening to our life, to our safety and sense of being protected. It is not safe to self-reflect because it is able to unstabilize us; our well-built comfort-zone, our positive or overall self-image we create, as well as our achievements, even our strength and self-assurance, who we are and how others see us.

Feeling as if safety and all the above preferences are more valuable for us than the sacrifice, we need to make when self-reflecting is worth our ignorance in a way, procrastinating till the moment, we suffer so much, that self-reflection is inavitable and a must, to be able to make a leap out of our misery, pain or "can’t stand situations".

Firstly, after talking about, why is self-reflection so rarely practiced in our lives, I also need to talk about, why it is so important to do so!

Practicing self reflection is not just sometimes but – depending on the stage of your spiritual journey – practice it, whenever you feel, is indeed a life transforming process to do.

What are the gains of self-reflection?

· you get closer to answer the question: Who am I and what I really want from life?

· you don’t have to suffer more or any further

· you can feel more compassion towards yourself as well as others

· makes you face yourself, so you stop to care too much about others or push/project your responsibilities onto others than yourself

· makes you be able to see clearer about your situation or circumstance

· makes you feel more balanced, calmer and more peaceful, than you felt before

· you realize, that self-reflecting is quicker, easier and much more practicle, than avoiding facing stuff all the time

· you become more aware of yourself, of others and of the world, which gives you strenght, you become powerful!

· you can use it for yourself, for your business, for your partnerships, for all parts of your life, anytime you want – it takes only few minutes to complete!

· it makes you stop to lie to yourself and gain self-confidence, self-awareness, self-reliance, real happiness and success in your life with time if you do it right

As it shows, the practice itself can be seriously beneficial in leading a dreamlike life as a result.

At the same time, it is very important to ask the question:

How to do self-reflection to achieve the best results at the end and not sink into our worst depression or anxiety each time we suffer that process through?

As we know, there is a way we do things (and most often that’s why we fail) and there is a way how to really do something, so it really can lead to the best possible gains, we all expect to achieve.

There are few tips that helped me facing myself the correct way, so I gained all the benefits (after my own unnecessary suffering).

I wasn't just able to end suffering but I didn't fall into the same trap ever again.

Self-reflection is a key component to realize your purpose in anything that you do

My self-reflection practice tips are:

· meditate for 5 minutes or do something which makes you feel relaxed, makes you laugh, cheerful and content

· sit down comfortably in a space, where you are not disturbed and get away from phonecalls, children, pets, mother-in-law, etc.

· choose your problem (if you have many) or focus on the one and write it down in short - just a word (in few words maximum)

· read it to yourself and then breath into it and just feel that...allow to feel that for a moment without doing anything with it

· next you will feel that other stuff going to come along that, like a domino effect (keep in mind, to focus on you, only you and the problem) – without you blaming anybody, the goverment, the neighbour, the postman...there is only you and what you have done, what you feel and why you feel it! Nobody else is involved!! Like you go inside of your world and there is no other thing, just you!

· ask the question: What can I do with this? , What is in my power to help this/ to improve this?, etc. instead of Why....questions! (you aim to empower yourself, to solve, to imporve something and not to judge or punish yourself or feel less and weaker than what you are now!)

· write down your points if it helps or make you feel it if you definitely will make you feel better!

This process can be done within few minutes – This is how I do and it works for me a lot! (Don’t blame me if you took longer then you expected!) :)

If you want to see more click and read other related articles on my blog or in case, you would love to contact me about any specific, personal questions please go to my Services page and choose your option. Remember, I am just a click away to guide you and support you on your life path! Have a beautiful day! and See UR Light to shine bright!

Lots of Love,


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