Don’t try to do anything...JUST STOP!

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Everything is already done and you can sit back and’s high time to give up „doing”.

Do you know what is the difference between „doing” and „allowing”? Everything, you need to do is only allow the „doing” flowing through you. Yes. That’s all. Nothing else.

Surprise! To be exposed to this is like winning on the Lottery! It is another thing how to manage that money, right!?

Okay, let's slow this down a littlebit.

"Doing" according to today's dictionaries means, you get up in the morning, you make your breakfast, you travel to anywhere you must be for doing something, it’s either purposeful or not purposeful for you in your life. After work you doing other things it's either purposeful or not much purposeful, though you have your "Must TO DO LIST" and you just do it without any spiritual or even intellectual thinking.

You just do it because this is what you must do according to your present life, society, religious beliefs, personality, family, friends, the list of expectations and norms of those things and people you need to satisfy each day. That can be endless and you usually feel that way too. :)

The question is not about whether you are doing your "must to do list" right or wrong or have a purpose in life or not.

Follow me on this because it’s very important for your happinessand aboundance to have, whenever you are ready for it!

Let's go around this from a different angle and see another perspective on this:

Life is not what you need to do. Life is something you need to let be, to allow, to experience, to join in, to participate or to "merge"(=marry?) with.

Unless, you stop doing everything else, there is no real merge, there is no real allowing.

Question: How do you know if you allow life to be or not?

Answer: The first and biggest sign is feeling of suffering.

Nobody is God but part of Godso this means, that sometimes or most of the times, we feel suffering, whether if it is about a little irritation, distress, quarell, annoyance, blaiming as well as shifting responsibility and so on.

Feeling of suffering is not bad, negative, forbidden or anything like that. There is no problem with suffering. The problem starts, when you are not able to realize or accept, that you are creating your suffering and you are choosing suffering unconsciously or consciously each minute in your life.

When a baby cries, it is a sign of them representing a need out of their survival.

That is the only way they can alert you of their must have needs to stay alive. When the baby grows and is able to use other ways of communication of their needs, they have the ability to choose, how they want to express themselves (depending on their culture, nation, family and surroundings, which is not our topic now).

Meaning, there are unconscious and conscious elements, that will show exactly, how that child is expressing their emotions.

Whenever the child doesn’t have any survival-based need, they are blossoming, they are just simply happy, undisturbed, allowing and flowing with life, living life effortlessly, they merged with it, they are Life itself.

Not just children or babies but all human are the same, the only difference is the scenario, the story, the layout, the play.

So how can you be Life effortlessly, instead of feeling trapped and thinking that you have to do and have to work hard to reach somewhere, be somebody or achieve something.

LET suffering be your compass, not your overall, repeating experience, which you can’t get off of you and it feels like a forever annoying little bug, crawling on you.

Suffering is there to alert you, what is there still, so you can look at that, not endlessly trying to get rid of it, so your energy that you are wasting on defending the non-existent enemy, you allow your life energy to guide you to freedom, your simpliest fulfillment of being You, fully You without all confusion and misery, that is only useful till the moment you feel it, so simply looking at that you can make a difference about your situation.

See things only the way they are. Simply see things, the way they are, not the way how they make you feel! and make a difference upon that.

That is your ultimate potencial. That is living Life, be a part of it. Otherwise you are only a part of your own misery and project it to all around you. (That is suffering is all about.)

My last question is:

Do you need to achieve happiness and aboundance or just let it be YOU and within and through you, so you become aboundance and happiness yourself?

If you want to make a difference...not doing!...making...then here is where you find me (my link).

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