Do you experience Power-struggle as a Leader these days!?

Updated: Mar 18

Learn from this article how to combat it!!

I am going through this right now, so as I am talking about myself and see others on different platforms how they „cope” with this themselves, I am quite excited and inspired to share with you how I handle my own power struggle on a daily basis.

Are you ready!? Let’s jump!

1) Firstly you need to be able to identify that you have a power-struggle, otherwise, this article won’t work for you

Who are the people that can identify their own power-struggles? Only those who are living in 24/7 self-reflection. Who lives a lifestyle of growth all day, every day!? This is intentional, not obligatory, or a must! We like to cheat sometimes right!? Let’s face it! We can be only as sneaky as our Ego self. Very sneaky at times!!

2) Secondly, you must see that you are not perfect and you never will be

That’s a hard one, doesn’t matter how much we talk about it and affirm it into our subconscious and into the collective. The roles that you are playing in your human body can not ever perform beyond your Soul, your True Self, your most powerful Self! Don’t even try, you will fail!

3) Thirdly – Judgement of others! It is all a mirror of Self!

Doesn’t matter who you are and what or who you are judging, you only judge yourself with that!

My teachings are very curious ones because they always reflect on Me.

Doesn’t matter what I share with is only about me! I judge myself when I am writing to you! Cool isn’t it!? Who can do this!? Real Leaders can! Are you One!?

Coming from the perspective of Self gets rid of all others who try to judge you...because you know if they judge you, they only judge themselves.

You can’t call out anyone else but yourself! Be Free NOW! Done! You're Welcome!

(Whenever you ask for my honest opinion, trust me I will give it to you!...with all of my Love and Care for you! But all of my opinions are my opinion on myself. We are ONE!

I have been where you are and you too! This is a forever exchange between you and others!)

4) Fourth pillar - They feel a way, You feel a way!

Emotions can be highly triggering and confusing...but in the end, they always serve us to fulfill our highest purpose!

If you know what emotions are, you don’t fear facing them any longer.

You are ready to face them anytime. If not, you tend to project them onto others!

Your emotions are your reality. If you want to know more about what energy is, have a look clicking here!

5) Fifth element - Be aware of the Cosmos, so you can be aware of Yourself!

It’s not anymore trendy to not know about Astrology or Quantum Physics and Universal Rules and planetary changes! As above, so below. Anything that happens to the „Gods” and „Goddesses” is happening to „humans” too. We are at least manipulated and affected by them. So start to learn about yourself more!

This time Mars is burning and it burns with anger, opposing everything and everyone that threatens its "identity" and questions its power. Amazing time for shadow work!

6) Solution - Never again feel powerless!

This is not doable! Why?

Because you can only perceive you lost your power for a while and you can gain it back by Knowing Thyself!! The fact, therefore, is that you WILL FEEL LIKE over and over again that you lose it, you are halfway towards the solution.

Your feelings are NOT YOU!

Very important to understand and to know that the perception of losing power is not real! Although it happens...every now and then into eternity. You can start to be comfortable with it now! Just saying!

You cannot understand your true power if you don’t attend to your "ups and downs" constantly and don’t heal them. Check out my article on Healing and what is healing all about clicking here!

The "How to"?

Healing modalities are endless! Choose one that fits your personality!

If we want to understand our emotions, we need to achieve an over standing perspective.

The standpoint where we are open and ready for the solution.

Self-sufficient (balanced) daily routine and self-love is key!

Attending to Oneself is attending to the World!

We are all leaders in our own right! If we want to make a difference, we might want to start with ourselves on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.

We are inseparable from our wholeness and from each other!

Lightworkers, Business Leaders, Mothers, Fathers, Parental figures, Teachers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Caregivers, Entertainers, Social workers, and Everybody else I might miss from this blessed list!

We can be so proud of ourselves to be gifted with life, our expertise, our experiences, our wisdom, and the fact that we can share this with others!

Life is a blessing!

We just need to remind ourselves about this all day, every day, forever!

WOW! Life is precious!!

Love & Light,


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